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Quick Pesto Pizza Hot

Quick Pesto Pizza
Quick Pesto Pizza
Quick Pesto Pizza
Quick Pesto Pizza
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Main Ingredients VegetablesHerbs and Spices
Course AppetizerMain Dish
Meal LunchDinnerHealthy Snack
Difficulty Quick and Easy
Prep Time 15 minutes
IC Diet Scale Bladder Friendly
Keys To Success -Make the pesto ahead of time and freeze it in single serve baggies just for this recipe
-Use bread for the crust
-Toast the bread first before applying the toppings to ensure a crunchy crust

This is one of our favorite recipes because it’s so quick and satisfying. We use bread for the crust and make the pesto ahead of time making this dish quick and easy. Follow our lead and you too will be able to have a quick slice of pesto pizza in less than 15 minutes. It’s a great option for lunch, dinner or even a snack.


Crust (choose one of the following)

  • San Francisco Sourdough
  • English Muffins (Whole Foods has one that is IC friendly. It does have vinegar in it but it bakes out)
  • Focaccia Flat Bread (be careful to read the ingredients list…we like salt cured black olive Focaccia)
  • Pita Bread

Here's another tip: Buy fresh made unsliced organic breads, slice them thick and then freeze them with a sheet of wax paper between each piece for easy access


  • IC Friendly Pesto (recipe below, remember to make a batch ahead of time and then freeze it in single serve baggies just for this recipe)
  • Organic Mozzarella Cheese
  • Fresh Goat Feta
  • Ground Pepper

Optional Toppings (endless possibilities, here our a few of our favorites)

  • Bell Pepper – diced small
  • Oil Cured Black Olives (these really add a great smoky flavor)
  • Green Onion (chopped)


  • Before applying any topping, toast your bread for a few minutes in the toaster oven. This keeps the bread from getting soggy once the toppings are applied
  • Add pesto sauce and then layer on the toppings
  • Bake the bread in a toaster oven on 400 until the bottom is toasted and the cheese is nice and melted.

IC Friendly Pesto Sauce

4 cups fresh basil leaves (about 2 large bunches) NEED NOT DRY THEM

1/3 cup packed fresh chopped parsley need not dry them

1/2 cup olive oil (or try using garlic infused olive oil if you are slightly bothered by fresh garlic and omit garlic cloves below)

5 garlic cloves (optional)

1/3 cup lightly toasted pine nuts

1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese

1 1/2 teaspoons pink rock salt

1/2 teaspoons Lemon Oil or extract

1/4 teaspoon lemon zest

3-4 tbsp melted butter optional

Tiny pinch nutmeg

Small amount of water


  • Combine first all ingredients except cheese in blender and blend until a paste forms.  You'll probably has to stop often to push the basil down to the bottom.
  • Add cheeses and blend until smooth
  • Salt to taste

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