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Coriander Tea Soothes The Bladder

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Coriander Tea is an old home Ayurvedic remedy for soothing a burning bladder. Coriander is a cooling and soothing herb that works well for anything where there is an “itis” involved.

To lessen the burning sensation that accompanies a bladder infection, Ayurvedic practitioners advise drinking coriander tea or a coriander-cumin-fennel tea. The next time you have a bladder flare, try brewing up some Coriander Tea and see if it
helps soothe your bladder pain.

Coriander Tea Recipe

The recipe is quite simple: use 1 teaspoonful of whole coriander seeds for each cup of boiling water.  Let the coriander seeds steep for 5 minutes in a covered mug and then strain the seeds.

Below is a quick video showing you how to make coriander tea.


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