Low Acid Tomatoes


Low Acid, Bladder Friendly Tomatoes 

Did you know that many people with sensitive bladders including those with Interstitial Cystitis (aka Painful Bladder Syndrome) can tolerate home grown, low acid tomatoes? It's true! Why not give them a try?

Below, we've assembled a list of low acid tomatoes.  If you have been depriving yourself of tomatoes due to bladder pain issues, try growing some of these low acid tomatoes in your backyard, on your deck or even hanging from your eaves.  Tomatoes are not difficult to grow, and there are all kinds of tomato planters that can grow tomatoes in even the tiniest of spaces.

Once you realize you can eat a home grown tomato or two, you'll want to grow a bunch of different varieties. Some of these varieties can be hard to find locally, so we've provided you links to or online from Amazon. Believe it or not, they pack and ship pretty well. 

If you have tried any of these tomatoes, have a great growing tip or just want to share your thoughts, please add your comments so we can all benefit.

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